CU Building Wire: THHN, XHHW-2, XLP/USE-2, NM-B
AL Building Wire: THHN, XHHW-2, SEU, SER, Mobile Home Feeder
AL UD Cable: Duplex, Triplex, Quadruplex
Tray Cable: Type TC Control & Power THHN/PVC 600V
Cathodic Protection
Lubricants: Cable pulling, Cable blowing, Cable pushing, Cable removal
Adhesives / Sealants: Duct Sealing, Conduit Jointing, Cable Repair, Cabinet / Pedestal repair, Wood pole repair, Polywater | Hauff-Technik: Mechanical seals and infrastructure entrances. 
Cleaners: Electrical Cable, Electrical Maintenance, Hand & Tool, Solar Panel
Pulling Software: Pull-planner 4.0
Electrical & Electronic Wire & Cable: Inventory includes more than 15,000 unique variations of wire & cable for almost any application.
Specialty Electronic & Electrical Cable: Data Communications, Instrumentation, Robotics, Broadcast/Studio, Computer, Utility, Shipboard, and Factory Automation among others
Custom Cable & Bulk Wire Products: Audio Broadcast, Industrial, Stage Lighting, Medical Electronics, Power Control, Instrument Control
Private Labeling
The CP1000 - The World's First Handheld Cordless Tugger: Designed for use with most 18V cordless drills and puts over 1000 pounds of torque pulling power into the hands of the technician.
PVC Coated: BlackGuardConduit, Nipples, Elbows & Couplings - PVC Coated conduit systems for virtually any steel or aluminum electrical conduit system for use in highly corrosive environments.
GRC Rigid, EMT and Aluminum Elbows / GRC and aluminum nipples / GRC and aluminum couplings and running thread
Copper Wire: Bare & tinned CU, Copper-clad  Steel, Covered CU, CU Lightening Protection.
Aluminum Wire: Aluminum-clad Steel, Bare AL, ACSR, Covered AL, AL Lightening Protection
Ground Rods: Copper-clad, Galvanized, Accessories
Medium Voltage:  5kV -35kV EPR & TRXLP URD Cables, Medium Voltage Airguard®
General Cable Industrial Products: Medium Voltage: 2.4kV - 35kV MV105, Metal Clad: 300V - 35kV MC-HL-CCW®, Armored Cable: 600V - 35kV Duralox®, Tray Cable: Instrumentation, Control & Power 300V - 600V CHTC®, CVTC®, VNTC®, FREP®, GenFree®, VFD, Power Cable: 600V - 2kV DuraSheath®, Uniblend®, GenFree® LSZH​​​​​​​,  Mining Cable:  Anaconda® Brand Mining-Grade Type G, G-GC, SHD-GC, VFD-BGC, MP-GC & Type W
Specialties & OEM: 600V & 2kV power & control cables, Utility Substation Power & Control, Lifeline® 2hr Fire Rated Cables, Oil & Gas Type P,  Low Voltage Airguard®, Transit & TRN Transit Polyrad ® XT, Military & Defense Cables, Industrial & Crane Cables, 4G Wireless / Central Office Power
Accessories: Cold Shrink Splices & Termination, Pulling-eyes, Loadbreak / Deadbreak Connectors, Lugs & Connectors, MV Cable Stripping Tools ​​​​​​​
Industrial Cable 2000V: Type G, G-GC, DLO, Type W, Pump Cable
Mining Cable: SHD-GC, MP-GC , Type W, G-GC
Industrial Cable 600V: RHW/USE-2, Stage Lighting Cable, Welding Cable
Utility Cables: Grounding Clear PVC & Yellow CPE Cables 600V, Jumper Cable 5KV-15KV.
Cables: Category, Coax, Control, Bundled, Audio/Security, Fire Alarm, Patch Cords, Indoor / Outdoor Fiber Cables
Cable Management / Connectivity: Racks & Accessories, Patch Panels, Keystone Jacks & Couplers,  Fiber Optic | Media Converters, HDMI | Home Theater, Telecom Accessories & Tools