Alan Wire Company began in 1974 as a small bare copper manufacturer serving the utility and electrical wholesale markets with bare copper products in the Midwest. Over the years, the company has expanded into a variety of insulated products including Copper Building Wire: Colored THHN, XHHW, USE, Bare, Tinned Bare, MTW and Tray Cable.
Custom cut lengths, Striping, pulling heads and Paralleling available
American Polywater Corporation has created construction and maintenance chemical solutions for the electrical contractor, utility, telecommunication, CATV, DOT, industrial, and water and sewer markets since 1973. Cable Lubricants, Precision Fiber Optic Cleaners, Adhesives, Sealants, Live-Line Tool Treatments, Electrical Cable Cleaners, Water and Sewer Construction Lubricants and Epoxies.  Dyna-Blue®, BonDuit®, SpliceMaster®, FST™ to name a few.
Aluminum Cable, Bare Copper and Weather Proof Wire, Coaxial/TwinAxial Cable, Communication Cable, Control Cable, Datacom and Telphone Cable, Fiber Optics, Hook-Up Wire, Instrumentation Cable, Thermocouple, Interlocked Armor, Power Cable, Portable Cord, Served Wire Armor, Switchboard, Appliance and Hi-Temp Wire, Mining Cable
Based in Western Massachusetts and specializes in manufacturing a wide range of custom design and standard construction products-from Audio Broadcast Cables, Automotive & Transportation Cables, Communication Cables, Defense Cables, Electronics Cables, Entertainment & Home Theater Cables, Industrial Cables, Instrument & Control Cables, Medical Electronic Wire & Cables, Power & Control Cables, Sensor Electronics Cables, & Stage Lighting Cables
Founded in 1912, Nehring Electrical Works Company has been producing wire and cable products longer than any wire mill in the Midwest. Nehring manufacturers and markets bare and insulated copper and aluminum wire, ACSR, AAC, ACSS, AAAC, aluminum-clad steel, copper-clad steel, building wire, underground power cables, ground rods, and medium voltage cables to the utility, telecommunication, electrical distribution, and OEM markets.
Aluminum & Copper Wire, XHHW-2, RHH/RHW/USE2, 600v and 2kV power & control cables for utility substations, Lifeline 2hr Fire Rated Cables, Type P, 600vMV Armored MC Cables, 5-35KV  EPR & XLPE UL MV-90 & MV-105 Power Cables, 15-35KV URD Cables, Airguard©, Cold Shrink Splices & Terms. Fiber Optic Cables for Utilities, Industrial, Mining, Transit, Oil and Gas, Aviation and Chemical Environments
Industrial Power Cable 2000V: Type G 2000V, G-GC 2000V, RHW-2 RW90 DLO 2000V, W 1/C 2000V, W 2/C 2000V, W3/C 2000V, W 4/C 2000V, W 5/C 2000V, Mining Power Cable 2000V–15000V: MP-GC 5000V-15000V XLP-PVC, MP-GC 8000V-15000V EPR-CPE, SHD-GC 2000V, SHD-GC 5000V, SHD-GC 8000V-15000V, W Mining 2000V, G-GC Mining 2000V, Flexible Cord / Power Cable / Control Cable 300V 600V: SJOOW Portable Cord 300V, SOOW Portable Cord 600V, SOOW Power Cable 600V, SOOW Power Cable 600V MSHA, SOOW Portable Cord 600V 105C, SOOW – H07RNF Portable Cord 600V, Industrial Power Cable 600V: RHW-2 USE-2 600V EPR/CPE, Stage Lighting 600V 105C, Welding Cable 600V 105C, Utility Cables: Grounding Clear PVC & Yellow CPE Cables 600V, Jumper Cable 5KV-15KV.
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